Idea box.

From the time I moved out of my parents’ house — no, probably even sooner — I’ve been keeping a box of decorating ideas for future and current houses.

For years I collected pictures from magazines and brochures from manufacturers and free chips and samples of things that I thought would go well in my future 1930’s bungalow. Or my steal of a Victorian mansion. Or my little 1920’s Tudor-style cottage.

I eventually bought the 1920’s Tudor-style cottage but I was too poor to do it justice in the decorating. I had a TON of ideas for it, though. It would have been the most adorable thing.

Finally, my finances and a fixer-upper converged and I have fixed up a little 1955 ranch house. It’s still in progress and I haven’t done the exterior yet, but I’ve done quite a bit (unless you take into account how long I’ve lived here).

I finally did a complete kitchen remodel of my very own. I took all the pictures of kitchens I had collected for so many years and then merged and blended them in my head and then strained them through my budget to make up the kitchen I ended up with. I love it.

My idea box has been a little neglected lately, though. Once I actually left the magazine picture collecting and created a real kitchen, I kind of got out of the mood. I’ve let all my decorating magazine subscriptions expire and I haven’t added anything to my idea box in, gosh, a couple of years.

It’s time for me to start scouring magazines and brochures and books and stores and flea markets for ideas for the rest of the house. I need chairs for the living room and a light over the dining table. I need a new desk in the office and some curtains in the bedroom and artwork on the walls. I haven’t even started the exterior yet (new siding, gutters, storm windows, entire garage re-do with vintage-look door, neglectible landscaping, newly-poured driveway with strip of grass in the middle, mail slot in the front door…you know…etc.).

While I’m also scouring the want ads, I think I’ll start adding to my idea box again. I have a feeling I’ll have a lot of ideas before I have the funds to make them happen.

If anybody knows where I can find reproduction/vintage 1950’s ironwork for the porch, or whom I can call to re-do my driveway with a strip of grass in the middle, let me know. (No hurry yet.)

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