Their house is famous!

Mom and Dad's House 3

My mom and dad have their house on the market these days. It’s a beautiful Victorian in a town full of Victorians in Central Texas. They have worked hard to fix it up and every time I visit I have to spend at least an hour over the course of the visit just wandering through the house and marveling at it.

I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of it over the years and I still love to whip out the camera and get some new ones. You can see some of them on my Flickr page.

Today, the house appeared on the New York Times web site in their real estate section! It’s so exciting! You should check it out.

The NYT sent a photographer up from Houston to take some pictures for their site and you can see them in the slideshow to the left of the article. He has a much nicer camera, a MUCH wider lens, and some nice lights, so his pictures are much more professional than mine.

The 13-foot ceilings, though, make the furniture look tiny when you get the whole room in the shot. You just don’t see ceilings that high every day.

If you know anybody that wants a lovely Victorian in a small town in Texas, be sure and let them know about this one.

Update: My dad happened to catch the local Bryan, TX newscast and they mentioned the house, too!

    • Marie
    • March 6th, 2010

    The house is simply beautiful! I can certainly see why you spend time just looking through it. I wish them a very successful sale!

  1. Thanks, Marie!

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