New kittens.

New Kittens

I finally did it, didn’t I? I made the big plunge. I adopted a pair of kittens from the Farmers Branch Animal Shelter.

They are adorable. I’m convinced they’re actually twins, instead of just sisters with a really close resemblance. It took me four days to find the slightest noticeable difference in their markings just so I could tell them apart.

Sure, I can already see that they have different tendencies and different personalities, but it doesn’t help much unless you know which cat to attach those differences to.

Neither one seems to be in charge of the other. They take turns. One is slightly larger than the other, but it’s so slight that they have to be standing next to each other to know which one is the big one.

I’ve settled on names for them:

Boucher — for my favorite hockey player, Philippe Boucher, of course. I figure it’ll shorten to Bouche (Boosh) or Boo-Boo eventually.

Skipper — for my current favorite cartoon character. Anybody ever watch Penguins of Madagascar? You should.

Aren’t they cute?

    • Elizabeth (in Tulsa)
    • June 30th, 2010

    They are SO adorable! Now I want kittens. Know anyone who wants a couple of allergic family members? Maybe we could trade. :)

  1. They just need a little “hair o’ the dog”! As it were. :P

  2. So, did you ever make a final decision on names? I still like Zsa Zsa and Eva. :)

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