Dude! You would not believe the Target I stopped by today.

Today, on a blazing hot (100° by noon), lazy Sunday morning, I had a couple of errands to run. I needed to get stuff from the pet store and some stuff from Target. Since the closest Petsmart is over in Mesquite just west of Town East Mall, I figured I’d go there and then run by the Target over on the side of the freeway by the mall.

I don’t really like that Target, because it’s a small, old, musty, low-ceiling’d relic, but I figured I’d just run in and out for a couple of small things.

Well! When I came around the corner I was stunned. There was a huge, shiny new Target right there where that ratty one used to be! I couldn’t believe it! In fact, I was a little suspicious that maybe they had just glued some decorations on the old one to make it look new. But it said Super Target and had two entrances. And the parking lot looked new.

I was so excited! I went in the front doors and there it was. Bright, shiny and new. They had plastic shopping carts! Much less rattly! The Pharmacy was in the middle of the store. Everything was in crazy places. It’s different from my regular Super Target in that I don’t think it had produce or a meat counter. But that section was much bigger than a non-Super Target.

At one point, I was in the grocery section, and I turned down an aisle of freezer cases with no other customers around. I didn’t notice at first, but none of them was lit on the inside. But when I started down the aisle, the cases lit up. One by one. As I neared each one! I half-expected a choir to start singing. It was like being in a commercial. I resisted the urge to dance around with my cart and pantomime lighting freezer cases with a magic wand.

Later, as I was reaching for my regular brand of deodorant, a guy came up to me and gave me a dollar-off coupon for that same brand. What a store!

I had no idea this place was over there. Apparently it’s been open a while. I could have sworn I’d been there more recently than last fall, but I guess not. Looks like the Medallion Target might not see me quite so often for a while.

Now all we need is a Tom Thumb in this neighborhood.

    • Schnookie
    • August 16th, 2010

    That is, like, the most awesome, wonderful thing to have happen! I’m just sorry you didn’t do the “magic wand” pantomime. I think the situation really demanded it.

  1. In hindsight, Schnookie, I wish I had.

    • Schnookie
    • August 16th, 2010

    Well, maybe next time. :D

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