New Two-month-old pictures are up.

Big Tex

I am a fairly lazy person. I don’t know if you know that. My friends, Pookie and Schnookie, came to town back in October and we had a blast. We took a TON of pictures. They, of course, got theirs up on Flickr right away (and they would have done it even sooner if my wi-fi hadn’t blocked them and if I weren’t too lazy to call Time Warner about it).

Part of the reason I took so long is because I’m so intimidated by all their great pictures. I figure after a while, people will forget theirs and mine won’t suffer by comparison. It’s flimsy, I know.

Anyway, I finally got a few up from the first couple of days. The Texas State Fair was so much fun. It’s just a feast of interesting things to take pictures of. And my new 70-300mm camera lens arrived early on the same day as our hockey game so I was able to fall in love with it right off the bat.

I have almost 200 pictures from our day at the Dallas Arboretum that I’ve just started working on. They should be up in a month or so. Heh.

    • Elizabeth (in Tulsa)
    • December 12th, 2010

    So, they let you get on the ice to take pictures of the team now? That’s amazing. Great pictures!

    • Schnookie
    • December 13th, 2010

    I’m glad you thought to put some time between when our pictures took Flickr by storm and when yours did. Not because ours are so much better, but because that’s a lot of awesome Flickr would have to handle. You want to give it a chance to recover. :P

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